11 thoughts on “Never Give Up: No Matter What!

  1. What a nice write-up. This is a reminder for me to keep pushing to know what it feels like to be successful

  2. This is highly inspiring!
    My Sincere appreciation goes to Mr.Abidemi Okiji for tagging me in such an educative write up like this,I appreciate this.
    My comment on this is that , as long as you do things and they work, there is not a big progress in learning. But some of the biggest achievement come from failures, where things simply don’t work out and breakdown. You have to pick up from the failure point, reflect on what happened and learn.Now, how to use for yourself – well – learn to recognize the signs of failure, reflect, learn from them and don’t repeat the same failure.
    Some times you really have to change the path or way to do things (bend the road or even take a new road).

  3. … words are powerful little drop of ink from your pen might change a lot of life. Okiji Abidemi

  4. There is no gain in quiting no matter the challenges face as winners never loss and quitters never quite untill you drive towards predetermine goals. To be successful in life, it has to be a function of thick and thin, though and rough with positive mind set and ability to set goals in order to achieve stated objectives cum targets. At any hard moment focus is very key thereafter come ease. May almighty God ease our affairs and crown our efforts with success in our life and life ahead.

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